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About us

Ribex Consulting was established in 2016 as an extended arm of a commodity conglomerate, which has long-standing traditions in Africa and Middle East. Ribex Consulting is partnering with leading investment banks and hedge funds operating in Africa, Europe and Middle East. Ribex Consulting operates in the field of healthcare, supported by Medical Universities, consulting companies and leading experts.

Our activities:

We offer a vast range of services in the healthcare, logistic and business development in Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • Consultancy
  • Trade
  • Drug and Pricing Legislation
  • Project management
  • GMP pharmaceutical production
  • Investment planning

Our Specialties

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Drug & Pricing Legislation

Project management

GMP pharmaceutical production

Investment planning


What We Are Doing

In 2018 Ribex Consulting is building partnership database and trading capacity to secure the increasing demand of high quality and affordable medicines and equipment for the growing African healthcare market.
In 2019-2022 Ribex Consulting plans to deliver several significant turn-key solutions for the local healthcare economy in partnership with Sub-Saharan countries’ Governments and investment funds.


Building partnership database.


Affordable medicines and equipment.


Significant turn-key solutions.


Partnering with governments and funds.

From Our Founders

Our Mission

Ribex Consulting wants to improve the healthcare landscape in Africa by partnering with high caliber and top class institutions, organizations and experts from around the globe.

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